Vinyl Record Album Storage-A Few Storage Ideas

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If you are a brand new vinyl record collector one of the first things you should consider is vinyl record album storage. It’s a very good idea to start off on the right foot as far as taking care of your new acquisitions so your precious new albums remain in the best possible condition to give you many years of listening pleasure.


Vinyl Record Album Storage-A Few Storage Ideas

You don’t want to start off by keeping your records in a pile lying flat so plan out your music room, do a little planning and figure out a solution that not only will protect your records but will match your room decor.


A 12″ row of stacked vinyl can weigh upwards of 30 pounds so good sturdy shelving is imperative. You should also figure for every 50 or so records to have a vertical wall divider in place. You also want to leave a little room for browsing but do not let them lean too far or you will cause warping.


Purchased pre-built shelving solutions can be expensive so DIY build it your self can be cost effective but also time-consuming





A Few Storage Options

There are a multitude of storage solutions so let’s start at the beginner level. Say you haven’t bought your first record or Vinyl Record Album Storage-A Few Storage Ideashave maybe a dozen or so. You don’t need to start off big but just need a small storage solution for now. Here are a couple ideas.

Keep your records organized with this vinyl covered metal rack. It has 16 slots to hold your albums. The two metal handles allow for easy movement and this black rack fits any decor.






This cube from Formost is another option especially if you alreay have a larger collection and it is expandable. You can add more cubes or chose some of other design from the same company to customize your shelving requirements.

This cube is made of solid wood and finished with PVC laminate. Unlimited combination options and easy assembly. Size is 15″x15″x15″ and is sturdy and stackable.

Holds up to 200 pounds. This is perfect for those with small to moderate collections.Vinyl Record Album Storage-A Few Storage Ideas






For the serious collector this unit from Ikia , the Kallix, may be just the ticket. This shelving unti can hold about 400 albums. Vinyl Record Album Storage-A Few Storage IdeasDimensions are approximately 30″ wide by 15 3/8 inches deep and 58″ high. For safety reasons this unit should be anchored to a wall to prevent tipping over when full. Wall mounting hardware is included. Four colors to choose from. If you cannot pick this up at the store than buying on Amazon is your next best bet as shipping is far cheaper than shipping from Ikea. Right now the Amazon price is around $142 and free shipping to Prime members. Ikea does make another model record shelf but I believe it is only available from the store. I am currently looing into that.


There are some other storage options I am currently researching. As soon as I have checked them out I’ll post them here for you to consider.

If any of you are currently using a system you like I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment below please.












  1. Solving storage is a key part of any kind of collection. It makes sense that protection and care of vinyl records is really important. What good ideas and options you have found!

    • Thanks Annie, I’m still looking at some other options. Considering your house/apartment and decor can be a major factor in deciding how to store your records.

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