Pay For Your Vinyl Records By Selling Vinyl Records

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This post will explain to you how to pay for your vinyl records by selling vinyl records. It sounds a little weird but bear with me a few minutes and I’ll explain how you can do this and how to ship a record after you sell it.

What Am I selling? You may ask.selling vinyl records

During your search for records you are going to find a lot of decent ones that may not be your particular style of music, or some that you really don’t care to listen to.

You may not like them but someone else might be searching for that particular record and be willing to pay good money for it. There is money to be made by flipping records.



Try Flipping Records

What do you mean by flipping records you may ask. Well flipping something means selling it for more than you paid for it. I have found some records in a thrift store and paid a dollar for and turned around and flipped them on eBay for up to $300!

(Yes, there are collectors that will pay $300 and more for a particular record)

Pay for vinyl records

You need to be aware of what records will sell like that but it is not hard to learn. Search on eBay for records and sort on “sold” and you will see what records are selling and for how much.

Put the eBay app on your smart phone and when in a record store or a thrift store and you find an album in good condition, perhaps still unsealed look up the artist and title on your smart phone app and see what the going price is. That $300 dollar flip I made was an unopened record by some classical violin player I had never heard of. When I found the still sealed record I looked it up on my phone and saw it was commanding a high price so I grabbed it. Even at a dollar, if it doesn’t sell you are not losing any money. I do not list my records on auction, I do a 30 day fixed price and I do check the “best offer” box so someone can make me an offer to consider.

That $300 dollars can buy you a new turntable or a whole lot of records eh?



How To Mail A Vinyl Record The Right Way


Mail vinyl record


So you found a record and listed it for sale on eBay and it sold. How do you mail it?

Besides tape and paper to print your shipping label you need these three things

  • A record mailer.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Some cardboard inserts. (you can purchase, but I cut my own to save money)

Cardboard Inserts

Sounds simple eh? How to mail a vinyl record! Well although is actually is pretty simple there are some critical things you have to consider. Anyone who has mailed packages before know the post office has a mission in mind besides delivering your stuff and it is “how can I destroy this guys stuff before it gets to it’s destination”?

Actually I am kidding, but it sure seems like that sometimes. I do admit the post office does an excellent job at getting millions of pieces of mail from point A to point B everyday. I’m amazed more stuff is not lost.

But a lot of the package handling is automated these days and we do see the occasional video on facebook of a delivery person heaving a package over a fence or something like that. So proper packaging is a must to help insure your package arrives intact.

When someone buys a record from you they are going to want it to arrive in the condition that you described. If not you are going to have to refund them and if selling on eBay, Discogs, amazon etc

use bubble wrap to mail vinyl records

Bubble Wrap

you will more than likely receive negative feedback, which could hinder any further attempts at selling more records.

I’ve shipped hundreds of records and had only one arrive broken so I am going to walk you through my procedure. I’m not claiming mine is the best method, but it has worked for me and I even ship Media Mail.



The Procedure That Has Worked Well For Me

When shipping a record there are a few more things to think about besides the record itself. You have the cardboard jacket, the sleeve and perhaps another insert like a poster or a cutout.

The cardboard sleeves are important. You buyer wants it to be in good condition with the artwork as close to original condition as possible. You want to prevent the seams from splitting. To do this you will ship the record outside the jacket.

Start by lying the shipping mailer flat. Then place one of the cardboad inserts on the bottom. Next place a sheet of bubble wrap on top of the insert followed by the jacket. On top of the jacket place another sheet of bubble wrap followed my the vinyl record (inside it’s paper liner). Then place two sheets of bubble wrap followed by a second cardboard insert. You’re now ready to fold over the mailer tabs and tape it closed.

If you buy your postage through eBay just print out the label and tape or stick it to the box. I print mine on plain printer paper and tape it to the box taking care not to cover the barcode with tape.

On my listings I offer two choices that the buyer can choose from, media mail and priority. Most buyers want to keep shipping low so they will usually pay for media mail, which can take a little longer to arrive than priority, but that does not seem to be a problem.


In Conclusion

There are other ways to sell records other than eBay if you do not have an account, but eBay gets the most eyes on your item. You can also list on Craigslist and Facebook. It the record is over 20 years old I think you can also list on Etsy. You can do Amazon too, but you need a seller account. No matter which way you go, selling some records can earn you a little money to support your vinyl buying habit.

Please leave comments or questions below.


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  1. Oh my, what a great informative post, Craig. I loved it. It is so ‘chockfull of information’ that I am sharing it with my social media. It is too juicy to let it slip by!
    It is unbelievable the money that you can make from anything ‘vintage’.

    • Hello Michelle, Vintage items can sell for a nice price. I was surprised at the prices some are willing to spend on a record. I’ve even sold a few 45 RPM singles for upwards of a hundred dollars. Even records made by someone I have never heard of have sold for decent money. Thanks for sharing this Michelle.

  2. I had no idea, Craig, that you would not ship the album inside the cover itself. I understand the layers of bubble wrap, etc., but it makes perfect sense to me. Excellent, detailed advice. Thank you!

    • Hello Sue,
      Yes, if you ship with the record in the jacket, the back and forth movement during transit can beat against the inside of the jacket and cause a seam to split. I find the combination of the cardboard inserts and the bubble wrap make a nice tight package and nothing moved back and forth inside the box. Of course if it is a double record set you need to adjust accordingly.

  3. I probably never would have thought that flipping records could be profitable, so this was an interesting read. Like Sue in the comments, I also never would have realised why it is a good idea to remove the record from the jacket, though it makes perfect sense.

    Great info!

    • Hi Craig,
      Yes, there is some money to be made flipping records. I’ll see Craigslist ads of people trying to get rid of collections they have inherited and can usually make a deal on buying the entire collection. The last build buy I did I got a little over 400 records for $200. Most are not worth much but can usually find at least 20 you can sell for $10 easy and a few in the 40-50 dollar range. So, you can get your money back rather quickly and make some on top of that. Goodwill usually sells their album for a buck each. The one I sold for $300 I found at a Goodwill store. We have another place here that sells for 10 cents each. Usually junk but I have found some good ones there. At that same store I found 2 huge boxes of 45 rpm singles. they had them marked at 10cents each. I threw both boxes in my cart and at the checkout I asked how much for all of them and the lady said $5. I paid and hurried out the store before she changed her mind. Got home and counted them and there were 500 records in the two boxes. They were from an old radio station and many were demos and DJ copies. I’ve made quite a bit off those and still have many here I listen too.

  4. A very detail explanation how someone can make money online flipping records. I have a very wide variety of collection on my own but will hold on to them a little longer.
    What I do like is your packaging strategy, I have seen companies here in New York have shipped it in that manner. I was wondering if there a market for flipping CD’s as well? Thank you for your enlightenment on flipping vinyl Records.

    • Hi David,
      Yeah don’t sell the ones you like for sure. I’ll sell almost any I have for the right price and just go hunt for a replacement haha. CDs are not quite as flippable as records as there were tons and tons of CDs produced so not many rare ones. But, some can bring in some cash. Especially some punk, garage band or thrash metal. It is real easy to check since most all CDs have barcodes. Put the eBay app (and/or the Amazon app) and when in a store you can use the apps to scan the barcodes real fast and see the selling price on eBay and amazon. Some cassette tapes are the same way. CDs in a thrift store you can pick up for a couple bucks and most cassette tapes you can get for 50 cents. so even selling a tape on eBay for $7 or $8 is a nice profit on a 50 cent purchase.

  5. Craig,
    That is a great idea and a great way to make a little extra cash. I used to do something similar with old teen magazines. I would buy them on ebay and sell them for a profit. I think we all have old albums collecting dust that we no longer listen to and I am sure there is someone out there looking to purchase that album that is collecting dust.

    • Hi Lisa,
      I’ve discovered there is a buyer for about anything you want to sell. I’m amazed at some of the stuff I have been able to flip on eBay. Sometimes you have to wait awhile for the buyer to come along but they are out there. I’ve also sold a lot of old magazines. You can pick them up in thrift stores for 10-25 cents each and sell higher and make some cash. Teen mags are a good flip as they usually sell pretty fast.

  6. Dear Craig,

    Thanks for the detailed post. And to be honest I never ever had a chance to see a Vinyl Records except in the movies. And reading your posts I am getting a curiosity of buying it. Its an additional information that we can make some money by Selling Vinyl Records.

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul,
      I am glad you found my post informative. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  7. Hello Craig,
    I would never have thought about the idea of flipping records..wow.. great idea.. so enjoyed this post. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Hello Ariel,
      Glad you enjoyed the post. Flipping records is one way to raise a few extra dollars and it helps us collectors enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Digging through crates of records can be fun and flipping the good ones we find turns a little profit.

  8. Hi Craig,
    Brilliant idea on how to fund your own hobby through buy low sell high. You are definitely right that one man trash is another man’s treasure. I am thinking about this business model. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great information. This is a good way to make money and have fun at the same time.
    I wish I would have kept my records but I sold them years ago to someone who was probably doing the same thing your talking about.

    • There are many record sellers on eBay, Discogs and Amazon so you probably sold them to a reseller. There are quite a few of us around.

  10. An excellent way to feed your own record collection! I see a lot of records locally at flea markets and swaps that would be ideal. I heard of Bonanza as well as a marketplace. Do you know if that is any good for flipping records on? I know a few people that sell on there. Thanks for the great flip idea!

    • I have no actual experience with Bonanza but have heard some sellers who list on eBay and Bonanza and they are making sales there. I think Bonanza will continue to grow as more sellers reach out to new markets to get more exposure on their items. I know eBay has made some changes in their Spring update which has not sat well with a lot of sellers so more are moving to other selling sites. I was thinking of downsizing my eBay store but, now I’m leaning towards leaving it as is for awhile longer.

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