An Interview With a Young Record Collector

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Vinyl record collector


As CD sales continue to decline, it is obvious that the means of music distribution are changing. But one cannot argue that digital downloads are the most popular means for many people to acquire their music, if it is one ninety-nine cent single song download or an entire album. As I think about these changes, I still think that the vinyl record, as old as it is, has been steadly gaining popularity as well as making new fans and believers that this is the best audio format that can be heard As a vinyl fan myself, I am pretty set in my ways; no one has to convince me of the staying power and musical greatness of the vinyl record. So I was really excited when I had a opportunity to interview a young man who shares the same views about vinyl records as I do.



Meet Steve, a 19 year old collector and aspiring DJ crate of records

Recently I had the pleasure of communicating with a nineteen-year old vinyl lover from  British Columbia, Canada named Steve , who was kind enough to share his thoughts about this old, yet treasured format. Steve recently purchased several 45’s from me through eBay and through our eBay correspondence I was able to ask him several questions and get his thoughts on vinyl records. What follows is a short discussion with Steve as he shared his passion and love for vinyl records.


Why Vinyl?

I asked Steve what got him interested in vinyl and why does he prefer this audio format?turntable

“Vinyl just sounds so much better; it has a  sound that can’t be duplicated. There is a feeling of satisfaction when actually holding a physical product. And the cover art, not only from the past, but from new artists, is another very big reason I prefer vinyl records over CDs or digital downloads. I also get a sense of satisfaction in knowing that when I buy an artists work on vinyl, that I am supporting the musicians who release it, as opposed to it just being another free download”.



You’ve been collecting How Long?

I asked Steve how long he has listened to vinyl and about what format his friends prefer.

“I have been listening to vinyl for several years now and vinyl is huge in British Columbia so  most of my friends who are really into music feel the same as me about vinyl. We like the clear sound, experience and the warmth you get when playing a DJ using vinyl recordsrecord. And we are also interested in DJ-ing, so that is a great fit. Last year I purchased a pair of Stanton turntables that have certainly helped me in my DJ-ing efforts and I plan on upgrading very soon to take it to the next level. I love the control that I have playing the music that people want to hear.


My goal as a DJ is to take two different songs and blend them together in a seamless way without the crowd knowing. Taking different parts of one record and mixing them into the other, you can then skillfully mix out the first song until it is just the new track playing. Its like creating a new song and new music in a way. You see a good example of this by listening to popular DJs like the late Avicii, just to name one. You make sure to keep up a steady stream, a continuous flow of ups and downs, it’s the same as telling a story, you want to keep people intrigued and interested in the music.



I really think that the vinyl resurgence  is here to stay for the foreseeable future, it sure is in our area. If my friends and I had to pick, records would be our first choice and the best format to hear our music. But, they can be difficult to acquire, our nearest vinyl shop is an hour and a half away, so we have to look online for our our vinyl. That’s is how I found your eBay store when I was searching for a particular song that I wanted. I was so glad to discover you have a copy of it.

(My Note): If you care to see an example of DJ-ing click here for a mix of Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” and Usher” Yeah!”.



Steve is Building Himself a Nice Collection

I asked Steve about his vinyl record collection and wanted to hear more details about his passion for wanting to DJ.

“ I would say that I have over three hundred records, mostly classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Heart and the Who to name a few. But I have about seventy-five records that would fall into the EDM  genre. That is mostly what I play when I DJ because that is what the crowd I play for wants to hear. When you’re mixing records, the control you have over the sound and the wayjd mixing you can manipulate the music is just like playing an instrument. You can blend and put effects on the music using your mixer or you can do some hands on scratching and add your own unique sound to it. And then there is scratching, it’s a whole new level of DJ-ing because, in a way you are creating a new sound that has never been heard before the beginning of the modern DJ, it is actually live production almost like performing a concert.”


It was refreshing to listen to Steve speak about his love for vinyl records. With himn being so much younger than myself, his enthusiasm for the format was clearly evident and especially welcome to me, a vinyl aficionado . And we both agreed that whatever musical genre it is that you enjoy, it certainly sounds the best coming from a vinyl record. And that is a viewpoint that will help the vinyl record survive, if not thrive.

I want to personally thank Steve for his cooperation and candor in regards to our discussion about vinyl records. It is nice to hear someone from a different generation, not only passionate about the music that he listens to, but about the audio format that he chooses to listen to his music.


If you are like Steve and live in an area where physical stores that sell vinyl records are in short supply, then your only alternative is buying online. eBay is one of the best places to buy and sell vinyl but it might be difficult to determine who to buy from on eBay if you are unfamiliar with the process. I wrote an eBook on “How To Evaluate an Ebay Seller” that you may want to check out at no cost. If you missed the popup opportunity on this page scroll back up the page and on the right side you will see a form to enter your name and email address where I can send the ebook to.


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  1. Excellent article and interesting interview with “Steve.” It’s so important to get different perspectives of why others prefer vinyl. I enjoy the “backward technology” as something that is not digital…something you can physically hold in your hands, instead of selecting from a play-list.

    • Hi Sue,
      Yes it was a very interesting conversation with Steve and getting a perspective from a collector who is much younger than I am. I was very pleased to sense his enthusiasm for vinyl records. He is having a lot of fun building his collection and learning to DJ.

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