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Bits and bites of random vinyl record news that have come across my radar the last few weeks. Nothing here in particular order just a few interesting bits of information that may be of interest.


Sony To Resume Vinyl Record Production/The Demand Increases

Sony of Japan recently announced it would build a new pressing plant to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for more vinyl. Sony ceased record production in 1989 after CDs became the music medium of choice. Recent trends worldwide and in Japan show vinyl record sales in Japan have skyrocketed over the last few years and the one record pressing factory simply cannot keepVinyl Record News up.

Japan isn’t the only place having a rough time keeping up with demand. Europe has two pressing plants, one in the Netherlands and the other in Czech republic. These two plants combined are able to produce 100,000 records per day and that is not near enough to keep up with the world’s demand for vinyl records.

I’ve addressed in a previous post why I think vinyl sales are making a comeback but briefly the resurgence can be because of two factors. Older generations (like me) have been attached to the format for many years and continue to enjoy our music on vinyl. Also, a new younger generation who were used to digital music are desiring to own a physical format. With CDs in decline vinyl has now become a popular alternative.

The popular “Record Store Day” and other events have put an enormous demand on the few remaining pressing plants and if sales continue to climb Sony may not be the only company to resume vinyl production. Just in the UK record sales reached 3.2 million records in 2016 which is up 53% from the previous year.

Sony is shooting for a March opening.




The Eurythmics Will Release 8 Albums on Vinyl in 2018Vinyl Record News

One of my favorite groups, The Eurythmics, announced they will be releasing eight albums on vinyl in 2018. The Eurthymics were international favorites and have sold over 80 million albums and are nominees for the 2018 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The albums to be released are “In The Garden, Sweet Dreams, Touch, Be Yourself Tonight, Revenge, Savage, We Too Are One, and Peace. Peace has never been available on vinyl before, only in CD and cassette format.


These will not be released all at once but at various times throughout the year. I believe five of these are available for preorder on Amazon and the price appears to be around $27.98 You can pre-order here  (affialate link) to lock in at that price in case it comes out at a higher price at release time. That link is to just one of the records but you can see the other preorder links on that page.


These eight Eurythmics albums will all feature the original artwork, illustrations and liner notes. These re-releases will be made from the original half-inch tape masters and not digital remasters where the sound has been compressed so they will sound great!


As for the new vinyl releases, Stewart assures, “They will sound better. In the archives, we have the original half-inch masters, which have a fantastic sound. That’s what we’re going from, not the digital remasters where the sound has been compressed.”




Conway Twitty On Vinyl For First Time in 26 YearsVinyl Record News

For the first time in 26 years there will be a Conway Twitty record released on vinyl. Country Rewind Records has released the album,”Timeless” made up of long-forgotten recordings that have not been heard in more than 40 years. You can order it HERE from Amazon.

In 1972, Twitty recorded a program for distribution to radio stations. This program included “Hello Darlin, Next IN Line, 15 Years Ago and country classics like “Dim Lights, thick Smoke, Crazy Arm and Hony Tonk Man”. Conway was backed by his Twitty Birds band and musical accompaniment was added on the record produced by Twitty’s daughter and son-in-law, Joni and John Wesley Ryles.

These recordings have never been made commercially available to the public and most were long forgotten. Veteran country music fans as well as the new generation of Millennials who favor country music will enjoy this album as Conway Twitty is one of the recording artist that helped make American country music great.

This is a must have for any Conway Twitty fan!






Last Weeks Top Selling Records On EbayVinyl Record News

The top selling 45 Rpm record on Ebay last week was Ernestine Eady’s “Let’s Talk It Over” a 1967 Soul release. It sold for $3,616.66 and had 42 bids. This record was graded at a VG grading which means it is not in perfect mint condition so it had been played and probably shows some slight minor wear on the vinyl itself. It is what is called a “White Label” promo record.

This auction lasted a week and the record had a starting price of $9.99. This must have been exciting for the seller as he watched bid after bid come in.





Vinyl Record NewsThe top selling LP on Ebay last week was Lee Morgan”Indeed” released on the Blue Note record label. This auction was also a week-long auction and had a starting price of $8 and had 36 bids.  Winning bid was $790! This jazz record had a 1957 release date. If you find any Blue Note records as you are crate digging always give them a good look and search them on discogs on your phone as many of these can be quite valuable.




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  1. Wow Craig, such great information about new upcoming albums. Who would have thunk that vinyl would make such a great comeback? I so love coming to your site. It is always fun and entertaining and informative. Great job
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    • I’ve noticed more stores like Best Buy carrying vinyl records these days. I don’t think vinyl is going to go away.

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