AudioQuest Anti Static Record Brush Review

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There are so many record cleaning brushes on the market it may be confusing trying to determine which is the best or most economical to purchase. Before I dive into the AudioQuest Anti Static Record Brush here are some things to consider. (This post contains affiliate links)



Why Do You Need A Brush?

A record cleaning brush is for maintenance of your records, not for cleaning an extremely dirty record that you may have AudioQuest Cleaning Brushpurchased from a used record store that had been sitting in someones garage or basement for years. For something like that you need to deep clean the record to remove the gunk out of the grooves. See my post HERE that addresses how to deep clean a filthy record.


Before you play a record and before you put the record back into it’s protective sleeve you will want to remove and dust, lint, or hairs that have accumulated on your record while sitting on your shelf. That is the purpose of a cleaning brush!


Which brings me to the AudioQuest (affiliate link) anti static brush. It is highly rated on Amazon so lots of satisfied users. This is a soft flexible carbon fiber cleaning brush designed to remove the light dust, lint and hairs that may accumulate on your records between plays. You just lightly touch it to your record as it spins on the turntable. This will also reduce static. Keep in mind you do not apply pressure with the brush just hold lightly on the surface and let the record rotate. After a few revolutions, slowly angle and slide the brush towards the outer edge of the record bringing the dust off the surface. Keyword here is “duster”, this is a duster and not a “cleaner”. You do not need to push down until the bristles flex just let them glide across the surface.



New and Improved-Thirty Five Year Product is Now Even Better!

AudioQuest carbon fiber record cleaning brush

Be sure to get the newer style model (follow this link) as it is much improved over the older, all silver one. The anti static feature is much improved.

  • Safe, fast, and effective tool for removing dust and debris from vinyl records
  • Conductive carbon fiber bristles and conductive gold contacts remove microscopic dust before it becomes embedded in the vinyl
  • Keeps records sounding like new
  • Far greater quantity of new smaller fibers more effectively sweep away dirt and debris
  • Clean records equate to longer stylus life

Every part of this new version brush has been re-tooled to improve its anti-static capabilities. If you have pets then you need something like Audioquest Anti Static record brush to help remove stray pet hairs, dust and lint that is always present in the air. If you have cats and/or dogs you already know this.

Playing a clean record will add stylus life to you turntable and reduce surface noise and static clicks and pops making for a more enjoyable listening experience. The price is affordable so give it a try and listen to the difference in the sound your stylus will produce.


If you find this review helpful (or not) please comment below.  If you need a brush I would seriously consider the AudioQuest.







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